1435 Marine Dr

North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T5 Canada

(604) 980-2222

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Norgate Animal Hospital Photo Tour—Your own North Vancouver Animal Hospital

Our North Vancouver Animal Hospital offers a full spectrum of veterinary services including pet vaccination, pet surgery and anesthesia, hospitalization, boarding, and dietary consulting. Vancouver veterinary clinic is conveniently located in Norgate, North Vancouver. In addition to traditional veterinary services our animal hospital offers a full in-house pet pharmacy and veterinary laboratory services. We also offer variety of dog food & cat food, products for tick and flea control and various other pet products.

Our Vancouver Animal Hospital is well equipped with modern technology. Our surgery room is equipped with up to date monitoring systems and equipment for veterinary surgery, including vet laser surgery and anesthesia.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment using our Book Vet Appointment form or just contact Norgate Animal Hospital’s friendly staff by calling us at: 604 980-2222.

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