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This blog is intended for anyone who wants a pet, has one and wants another, needs more information about the one he or she already has. Knowing what to expect from an animal, before it becomes your animal, gives you a chance to weigh the positives against the negatives; in other words, how much pleasure/comfort/company a pet will give you versus how much work/space/time it will take for you to enjoy it.

Our North Vancouver vet blog will provide not only pros and cons to consider for all the animals — but cautions, general pet health care, diet and housing tips, socializations needs, solutions to common (and uncommon) pet problems, and some of the most fascinating and outrageous animal facts we could find.

No other blog offers such detailed information about a wide range of domestic animals and the issues faced by pet owner.

Discover in our blog:

  • Adopt a kitten
  • Healthcare tips for keeping your dog in top physical condition.
  • How to keep your pet healthy – from finding a veterinarian to getting to know your pet’s medications, to coping with an older pet
  • How to make your home safe for a pet – and making a pet safe for your home
  • Keeping your cat well and healthy
  • Common Feline Diseases
  • and much more…..

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