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Veterinarian’s Video Library

Vancouver Vets: In this Vet Library Section of our web site our veterinarians offer you a selection of veterinary video topics related to animal health care, preventive dog dental care, puppy training basics and other relevant veterinary videos.

Vancouver Animal Hospitals: Introduction to Norgate Animal Hospital Team

Norgate Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic providing the highest standard of quality veterinary care in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver areas for a very affordable price.

Our veterinarians are well educated and highly qualified to protect the health of both animals and humans. If you are looking for a cat vet or dog vet who will care for your pets as if they were their own then don’t go any further. If you are looking for a veterinarian who believes there’s nothing more important than lasting, meaningful relationships then you are in the right place.

You have found the Vancouver Animal Hospital for you beloved pets in Norgate, North Vancouver!

Pet Dental Hygiene & Preventive Dental Care

Good oral hygiene can help strengthen your loved one’s gums and prevent bacteria infestation. It is best that your bring in your dog or cat regularly to have it examined by our veterinarian. Come in and have a chat with our veterinarian to discuss a suitable dental care for your pet(s).

Puppy Training Basics

A poorly trained dog is a nuisance and can even be a danger to himself and others. A properly trained dog, on the other had, is a wonderful and pleasant companion. In addition to helping you bond, it can even protect your pet from being hurt if he listens and will come when called.

Stay Command

When training always remember that dogs respond best to positive reinforcement yelling at your dog and hitting him will not accomplish the task, instead use rewards such as treats and your approval this will make the task much more pleasant for both of you!

Sit Command

There is a common “process” to training, no matter what you want the dog to do. They key is to get the dog to perform the action and at that exact moment give the command for the action, then praise the dog and reward him with a treat. After a while, he will catch on and associate the action with the command.

Down Command

If your dog is difficult to train or slow to learn then when you kneel down put the loop of the leash under one foot and under the knee of the opposite leg, facing the dog at a slight angle. Then pull the loop of the leash with your foot, sliding it over your leg; at the same time take hold of the dog’s forelegs gently and then pull towards you while issuing the voice command.

Once you have the dog in position, praise him lavishly. The aim is that the dog should associate the position with good feelings. Considerable patience, along with a commitment to regular training sessions is crucial if you want your dog to display the appropriate behavior. Most of these tips have been directed at people who keep their dog as a pet, some dogs, for example service dogs, require specialized training.

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