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Your First Visit to Norgate

First Visit

Dear Pet Owners,

Thank you for choosing Norgate Animal Hospital.

At your first visit, please bring any previous adoption or medical records with you. We will need this information to get an accurate medical history which will help in making the correct diagnosis and the best treatment plan for your pet. When you do visit the hospital, please bring your pet in a carrier or on a leash. This will help to prevent any unwanted incidents with other animals in the hospital.

Every time you visit the clinic, our vet assistants will ask you some quick questions regarding your visit, weigh your pet and then escort you and your pet to the exam room. The doctor will then examine your pet, listen to your concerns and ask you some more questions.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets in order to provide the best care and quality treatment that you expect and your pet deserves.

Visiting our North Vancouver Vet Clinic the first time? Please download the Owner and Patient Information Sheet. Fill the form out and bring it with you to save your time at our vet clinic reception desk.

Vet Clinic Patient Information Sheet

Visits to a veterinarian should start early in pet’s life. Indeed, it is recommended that you visit a vet for a basic pet health check-up within forty eight hours after first obtaining your pet.

Following the initial exam, you should work out a schedule with the doctor at our clinic for regular check ups that both satisfies you and keeps your pet in his/her best condition. In doing this, if a time comes to seek serious medical help for your cat, dog or small animal you will be dealing with the vet that you know and who is familiar with your pet’s personality and medical history.

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